Credit Agricole finally with an application. New mobile payments

Credit Agricole finally with an application. New mobile payments

Number of personsób mobile device ownership in Poland and globally continues to grow. Among other things, this is why the percentage of users ofóin mobile payments. Of course, not every account holder has a smartphone or every person who uses a mobile device on a daily basis has a bank account. Anyone who pays with their phone should be aware that mobile payments are evolving quite rapidly, and it’s worth keeping up with the news.

Below is another installment of our update’mobile payments. Today there will be more about banking.

What’s New in Payments?

According to a survey conducted by MasterCard and research house Maison & Partners, Polish consumers have become convinced about cashless paymentsóThe company’s customers are open to digital innovation. Users feel safe and secure paying without cashówkowo for purchases. Speed and convenience of transactions came to the fore. The study allowed us to distinguish four types ofóin attitudes towards new forms of payment. The most numerous group of respondents, 35 percent., are „Active Cardholders” – people who feel safe when buying online, affluent and satisfied with life. The second group is „Aspirational Shoppers” – 20 percent. They are mostly young people with still low income, willing to use technological novelties. „Rational Pragmatists” 20 percent. – They do not like to experiment and use only tried and tested payment methods, and are distanced from mobile payments. The last group is, according to the survey „Lostówkowicze” – 24%. – shop online relatively infrequently and prefer so-called “contactless” payments. cash on delivery and have limited trust in technological innovations.

According to the survey, 55 percent of. respondents are open to novelties in the area of payments. 64% expect convenience., transaction speed 62 percent., Security, although still important, was indicated by only 42% of the respondents. surveyed.

And what it looks like in terms of mobile internet usage? MasterCard survey has shown that as many as 62% of. The same number of respondents and the same number of customers declare to use mobile banking. 8 percent. Polish internet usersóIn the survey, only 42 percent of shoppers declared that they have made at least one contactless payment with their phone, while those whoóof users ofóThose who have used contactless smartphone payments say they are eager to use this payment method in the future.

Mobile payments are also a hot topic outside of Poland. Xiaomi launches Xiaomi Pay in China. This Chinese giant in China has beenóIn cooperation with China UnionPay begins distribution of such services based on NFC. Both companies – as reported by Xinhua News Agency – They still need to work out a timetable for implementation.

Xiaomi’s own system is a response to the platforms being built by Apple, Google and Samsung in Western markets and has the potential to be the standard, making the systems of the big tróof companies are less and less likely to systematize mobile payments globally, as the Chinese market will already be developed.

What’s new in banking?

Not surprisingly, banks are improving and providing users with new mobile payment solutions. A few days ago, Credit Agricole Bank announced the availability of the CA24 Mobile application, which allows for a convenient and easy way of using the applicationób manage accounts, credit cards and savings. The application can be used to make a bank transfer, pay off a credit card, charge a phone or open a deposit. The app works on iOS, Andorida and Windows Phone.

mBank can also boast about novelties in its mobile application. Fromód there is a solution for iPhone owners’óThe 6s and 6s Plus, featuring 3D Touch. Thanks to 3D Touch, it is enough to strongly touch an application icon in iOS to bring up a menu of basic functions. This is a significant acceleration in the use and functionality of applications.

mBank took care róalso about the useróThere are a number of changes introduced to the Windows Phone Access to information about your credit, the ability to categorize, tag and add comments to operations in your transaction history.

3D Touch – one of the trendsóthis year is rapidly entering the Polish applications. Apple releasing a new iPhone’y counted on publishers to enrich the user experienceów adding 3D Touch functionality to them. This is already slowly happening, as you can see in the example above.