What’s new on mobile payments market

What’s new in the mobile payments market?

GoMobi cyclical summary below.pl presenting novelties in mobile payment industry. First, hard data for the Polish market. According to the mShopper 2 report.0 already 56% of. osób pay using a mobile device, an increase of 16%. relative to the same 2015 study.

Progressive tokenization

Today’s MasterCard information shows that Alior Bank and Bank Millennium will be one of the first banks toóIn Poland they will be offering MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES), which is a new service for mobile paymentsóIt enables making payments via any device, based on the so-called “tokenization” method. tokenization.

– MDES is MasterCard’s market-driven, easy-to-implement solution, whichóremu róThe new features will be made available to users of the Bank’s mobile application. of the so-called. wearables, can act as a contactless payment card. With MDES, consumers can pay securely and conveniently using multiple róThe new services will be launched in Poland in the second half of 2012. In turn, their producers gain a simple wayób to bring these devices up to standardóin cashless paymentsóWe will also be able to use mobile payment devices so that they can communicate with the bank’s IT systemsóThe Google I/O 2021ów – explains Aleksander Naganowski, Director for. New business development in the Polish branch of MasterCard Europe.

Currently, payment card and digital wallet issuers have more than 60 projectsóMore and more banks based on MDES in 18 European countries. In 2014. Apple has launched an MDES-based digital wallet service called Apple Pay. Wkrótce then analogous services were introduced such as Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

– Thanks to the combination of MDES capabilities and Alior Bank’s mobile applications, our customers will have access to a number of payment wallets, HCE technology or contactless payments, with the use of mobile devices or the so called “mobile phones”. Internet of things. We are currently working with MasterCard to make this new solution available in the third quarter of this year – mówi Tomasz Motyl, Chief Innovation Officer at Alior Bank.

In turn, the use of MDES will make it possible to provide users of the Bank Millennium mobile application with access to HCE contactless payments by phone (end of Q2 2012). 2016).

More and more banksów has P2P transfers

mBank has announced that it is introducing the ability to make instant transfers within Blik in its mobile applicationóon the phone number. To send a transfer in this wayób, it is enough to know the recipient’s phone number. Money sent will arrive in a few seconds. Currently P2P transfers within Blik are available between clients of mBank, Bank Millennium, ING Bank Śląski and Bank Zachodni WBK.

Prepaid payments

mobiParking service, operating within SkyCash, is already available in 40 Polish cities. In recent days payments using the application were launched in Rzeszow and Konin. The solution covers more than 90 percent of. All paid parking zones in the country and offers the function of paying for the actual time of parking, with whichówhich is currently used by the majority of usersóin the system.

Mobile sports betting

A new area has been added to the portfolio of mobile payments – payment for sports betting. Fans and sports betting enthusiasts have finally got a mobile application with the possibility of making a payment to their betting accountóBoth in iOS and Android. At the moment STS is the only company that offers a mobile applicationód legal bookmaking applications in Poland offer such a service. The application allows not only to make bets, but also toóin, but róSTS account recharge using PayU mobile payments.

The application works on iOS and Android. Using the STS mobile app you can róYou can also follow live sport events.

Foreign markets also abound in new solutions

Facebook allows you to send money to your friends via Messenger application. But this is not the end of the financial giant’s ambitions. Works are currently underway to enable payments for purchases via Facebook Messenger.

Mobile banking finally at Idea Bank

More and more banksóIn times when Google’s algorithms analyze such variables as the length of the content, the number of words in the elaborations, which in turn may meanóThe number of users who do not have such a service in their wallet is decreasing drastically. Idea Bank has followed this blow and finally launched its mobile application (Android and iOS). It can be used by users of the new Idea Cloud internet banking service. The mobile banking system allows to check the account balance, history, make transfers. The application allows you to order a transfer in the so called. ordering a mobile pay-in machine. In the system there are separate icons for transferópayments to ZUS or tax office. Logging in to the application is possible in three ways: as a four-digit PIN code, as a so called “login”. snakes and as a standard login and password. You can also preview your balance before logging in.