Content from subcontractors a handful of practical solutions

Content from a subcontractorów – some practical solutions

Twój author of the publication znóin a dormant? Perhaps you are optimising your marketing spend or simply want to quickly increase the number of publications? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you should think about coócooperation with freelancers. According to the CMI report, building an image content base is a key area for over 60% of companies.

Not all content is good content

It is worth to think about the content that we provide to our clientsóin a very simple wayób: they can either pull the service in the góhand, or push it in dół. Alternatively, they will not change anything and therefore will not achieve the goal ofów that we have set up with the customer. In times when Google’s algorithms analyze such variables as content length, number of wordsóIt is not worth deciding on a key phrase or saturating the text with phrases semantically related to the subject of the publicationóMeasures.

The search engine giant likes to feed us with the statement that the most important thing is simply good content, whichóra exhausts the topic. Opinions on the veracity of this statement are highly divided. Nowadays, not only the publication itself, but also its design is very important.

Nowadays, premium texts are not only tens of thousands of characters longóin elaborates, whichóopinions on the veracity of this statement are very divided. Professional content is one whichóclearly answers the most important principles of SEO.

Great, but poorly optimized text without proper header designówkóin Hx or descriptionóin alternative graphics will be simply incomplete, so it will not use its full potential. And this, in turn, may mean „burning through your budget” without any concrete results.

How to deal with it? Above all, content authors need to accept that the rules of the game have changed. Writing under guidelines is not an option today, but rather an obligation. Whether you run a small cooking blog or a large technology website.

Where to get content from subcontractorsów?

We have at least a few platforms with an established position on the market. We can use, among other services, such asów, as:

For some time now, additional functionality is also offered by WhitePress. He recently wrote about it Kamil Kolbusz, który thoroughly tested the Content Premium service. If you care about high quality content, I strongly encourage you to read the post on Takaoto.

Text Exchangeóinto this service, któtion whose business model is a bit róties with what the competition is offering. You can buy ready-to-use publications, which can be used for the purpose of the websiteóre already created. What is interesting, once in a while you can even find here poems or collections of stories.

Buying a ready-made text is a big plus, but also a risk. On the one hand, we can place it on our website in a few moments after purchase, but we also need to be aware of the fact that we do not know if the author followed even basic SEO rules while writing it.

My experience suggests that sometimes you can’t count on it, but it’s hard to clearly estimate the percentage of correctly optimized textóThe most important issue is clear and precise rules of SEOóthat were written in such a wayób to simply exhaust the topic. It is doubtful that anyone will be able to assess the proportions between these two types of publications on the website.

Arkana Content and Good Content work according to a very similar scheme. It is the answer to the needs of all those whoóThose who need publications written for a specific thesis and guidelines. If you are looking for a text thatóry in a certain number of ZZS (signóIf you want to know what 5G connectivity is, you’re in the right place.

Both platforms give you a choice of publication quality. This in turn determines the price. Of course nothing stands in the way of deciding to buy an article at cost, but I assure you that you will pay for it with your time.

I have conducted several experimentsóI have to admit that without a motivating factor, which is income, we will only write aboutód author, it is hard to count on texts, whichóThey will not need to be corrected. Sometimes it will be necessary to correct a few sentences and sometimes a few paragraphsów, it depends. The conclusion is obvious: „saving” money, róIt is more time-consuming on our part, so it is an apparent saving.

In my opinion, it is much better to dig a little deeper into your pocket and pay for better quality publications. The rates they have to pay for the workóBoth the Arkana Content and Good Content are not particularly comfortableórensed, and they provide a much better initial text. Therefore, when róThe difference between a text as if it came out of a machine and the one in which it is writtenóf you can already see the author’s hand and intention is a few zlotys, it is worth paying more. Always.

What to keep in mind when outsourcing your text to a subcontractor?

The most important issue is clear and precise guidelines. If in the description of the castleóincome we will only write „I would like to receive a text about fashionable dresses for summer” then you can forget about compliance with any guidelines important for SEO.

If the text is to build the position of the client in Google search, even if it is a typical 2tier, we must neatly encapsulate it with the use:

– a properly prepared title.

This is where we come to the key relation between good quality content and the coóWorking with SEO department. It is hard to demand from the authoróIn the case of those offering their services on such platforms, to have and use tools such as SurferSEO or Senuto.

A major drawback of intermediary platforms is their randomness. This is both a huge strength and an asset. Why? In order to understand it, you need to realize that the system is based on reservations commissioned by the subjectóby the authorów. The more topicsóThe more the person reserves for themselves, the more money they will earn.

I would like it to be otherwise, but I have not yet come across people (well, maybe with two or three exceptions) whoóre would be proficient in writing on any subject. This leads to bizarre situations, when a text about e.g. women’s make-up is read by men, whoóAt – gently móincluding – They have little experience in this field.

Of course, the gender of the author does not determine his/her experience in a given topic, but each of us has his/her own, quite precisely defined area of interest and topiców, w któtutees are proficient in. Good content practices can and should be approached much more broadly. We write about them for you on the MarketingProgress.en.

The advantage of the random factor is, of course, that you do not have to wait too long for the selected texts, but you have to be aware that you are putting the publication in the hands of a person whoóif we don’t know anything at all. Yes, quality publications usually meet expectations, but this is not the rule.

We, as the principal, can try to help a littleówho writes the text for us. My experience shows that it is worth taking a few minutes to precisely describe our requirements. These small, few sentences long, messages to the authoróIn the case of individually designed and made stands, they can be very helpfulóand it is definitely worth betting on them. Let’s put the head phrasesówn, auxiliary, keywords, but also a description of the context, wokówhoówho we want to create a text. A few sentences, no more needed. You should see the positive effects of these activities very quickly!

Permanent supportóe working with subcontractors

A sensible alternative are thematic groups on Facebook, whichóre focused on contentów. We have at least 4-5 major groups, so anyone can prób to break through with your offer to a completely different group of recipientsóAlthough we have to reckon with the fact that a lot of users will becomeów are active on every.

AdvantageóThere are at least several possibilities of this solution. It is certainly worth pointing out the wide possibilities of price negotiations. More and more copywritersóThe first thing doesn’t require much thinking, just a simple check of the phrases that you are fluent in.

If such a person proves himself, the random factor is eliminated. If, after a few dozen or so publications, we see that the author sticks to the guidelines and knows what he is writing about, we can establish permanent cooperation with himócooperation with. Usually such an arrangement is to the advantage of both parties.

As I have tried to show you, there are many solutions on the market whichóThey give you access to quick publications from subcontractorsów. Each method has its pros and cons. Now you just have to decide whichóra will best fit into your work model and… you can place your first orderótions.