Silent vendor” at trade fairs

„The silent vendor” at trade fairs

Tablets, and in particularóThe iPad’s capabilitiesótce will become a standard at trade fairs. They are an ideal tool for gathering customer data, researching opinions, performing quick product demonstrationsóand engaging participantsów events. Just imagine how much better it is to present a product using a multimedia presentation than a printed brochure and how much more willingly a visitor will fill out a questionnaire using an interactive application on a modern device than on a piece of paper.

In the case of custom-designed and made-to-order stands, theyóIn the case of tablets, they are usually built into a wall or a tabletop. In other cases, standing enclosures are a great solution, whichóre together with a tablet they create an elegant mobile multimedia kiosk. And if you add a functional app developed specifically for trade shows, it has a chance to become a great information and sales tool, called by many „silent seller”.

Cost constraintsów

Participation in trade shows is associated with relatively high costs, on whichóThe costs of the stand rental, production of the materials, and the costs of the exhibitionóThe participants’ curiosity can be aroused by a number of promotional events, printing of more company brochures, buying gadgets, etcóIn addition, we can expand our base of advertising addresses, as well as costs connected with sending a few persons to the kioskób to support the participantóon site. What is important, they are borne each time.

And if we replace printed brochures with their electronic version with the possibility of sending them to a specified e-mail address, we have several thousand zlotys of savings and at the same time we build the image of a modern company. Additionally, we can expand the address base of theóin e-mail osób initially interested in our offer. These addresses can be used for further communication in order to send more detailed models of the cars on display at the fairónformation on commercial matters.
Maybe róIt may also turn out that equipping a trade fair stand with multimedia kiosks will reduce the number of peopleób necessary to operate it. Curiosity of some of the participantsóWe can also build the image of a modern companyóYou can download this application by scanning the code belowób bócooperation. As a result, it may turn out that instead of the planned five persons, theób, it is enough to delegate two.

Instead of buying, rent

Of course, at theówno development of a dedicated application as well as a cheaper option – Preparing an electronic version of a company brochure is associated with costs. However, this is a one-off expense and relatively low. Once prepared, the application will be used for many months or even years, while traditional brochures have to be re-printed before each event. Another expense is the tablet. However, if the company does not have its own tablets, it is possible to rent them together with the kiosks. Such a possibility is created by Mobi-Stand, where you can rent a set, including an elegant kiosk, an iPad tablet and all the necessary accessories, and also have the kiosk painted or wrapped according to individual orderótion. Below I present a few examplesóin the use of a kioskómultimedia at trade fairs.

2 in 1 electronic edition of the magazine

Day&Night is a monthly magazine about lifestyle, events and culture in a broad sense. Theaters, cinemas, restaurants, music clubs, hotels, universities, offices – this is just some of theóre of places where you can read it. The magazine is distributed in printed form in Rzeszów and its surroundings. The changing habits of readersóThe decision to create an electronic version of the magazine and to make it available on the App Store platform was a strong incentive for the magazine’s publisher. The application can be downloaded by scanning the code below.

Exactly the same application is used during the fairóin trade. In order to present the magazine in a modern and elegant form, the application is installed on an iPad, placed in a stylish case. Thanks to this solution, the publisher of the monthly magazine does not incur additional costsóThe addresses of the multimedia kiosks can be used for further communication with the trade fair visitors.

Motor Show

At the exhibition stands during the fairóin the automotive industry, multimedia kiosks are slowly becoming a standard. They are used by companies such as Mercedes-Benz or Porsche. In these cases, applications are usually prepared for a specific event or for a specific car model. For example, during this year’s edition of the trade fairót the Motor Show in Poznań, the Porsche brand used two applications. One of them presented the technical data of eachóof various car modelsóIn these cases, applications are usually prepared for a specific event or for a specific car model, while the second one is used to survey visitors and collect their contact details. The Mercedes-Benz brand has gone a step further by developing an application that allows you to configure the equipment of a particular vehicleóThe addresses can be used for further communication to send more detailed models of the cars on displayów. The participant could choose such elements as paint color, type and color of upholstery, rims, engine and others. In addition, after configuring all the options, the visitor received information about the cost of purchase and credit options, and then, after providing an email address, all the information, in the form of a pdf file, was sent to a mailbox. There was also the option to sign up for a ride próbną. Not only did the participant get to know the offer, but they also fed the address baseóin the e-mail.

Colorful ambient

Although the following example of kiosk usageóin multimedia does not come from the marketóThe Eddystone is a completely new method of data transmission using BLE signalsóThey would like to showcase their offerings in a wayóIt’s the engine of the revolution, which is unusual and engaging.

In May this year, a large light installation measuring 3x3x3m appeared at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw and Magnolia Park in Wrocław. It reacted to the thoughts of the peopleób, któThe lights were connected to an encephalograph, which reads the subject’s thoughts and feelings based on EEG mózgu. After the test, an average score was determined, which best reflects the condition of the tested person. During the measurement, the cubicle glowed with colors corresponding to róThe emotional state of the respondents in the eventób. Retrieved fromóThe results of the survey were used to determine the state of the personówho visited the stand could play an electronic game. It consisted in remembering within 20 seconds the color of theóin the Dekoral Fashion collection, które displayed on a TV screen, or the Mobi-Stand mobile interactive kiosk. Then, in the next 60 seconds the user tried to get as many correct color connections as possibleóin and their names. The campaign attracted about. 6500 osób.

The summer months are a period of stagnation for the organizeróin the marketóon trade and other industry events. However, it is the best time for the employeeóin theóIn marketing, to plan and prepare for an eventóThe more so if you plan to use multimedia presentations and mobile applications. Keep in mind that the development time of a dedicated application may take up to several weeks. RóEven if you want to rent kiosks, it is better to make a reservation a few weeks in advance.