We have up-to-date data from operators on LTE in Poland

We have updated data from the operatoróabout LTE in Poland

After the 800 MHz competition was awarded, 4. The operators compete with each other in statistics about the speed of data flow in their own networks and each of them boasts about their coverage. Below I gathered scattered information. What was not announced, I inquired directly with the operatorów. The numbers look good and the network is getting faster too.


Data from the press office. Plus has the largest, almost 100 percent LTE coverage, and data consumption has increased by as much as 75 percent.:

LTE coverage for Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat is almost 97%. apartmentsóin the country. According to the resultóThe Eddystone community is the largest in the world, with the number of customers at the end of the first quarter of this year. The number of customers using ouróof customers using our Internet offer is 1.9 million peopleób (combined for Plus and CP and it’s zaróboth in contract and prepaid model). I might also add that according to the resultón the Midas Group, Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel users used 74.3 million GB of data in the first three months of this year, i.e. by almost 75 per cent. The share of LTE technology in total mobile data transmission has approached 50%óin all typesóThe speed can be obtained in all types of offers (DATA and VOICE), as well as their typeóIn the postpaid and prepaid sector.


The Orange company also has something to boast about:

Currently more than 90 per cent of users have a smartphone or tablet. residentsóin Poland can use 4G LTE mobile Internet Orange. Number of customersóIn the first quarter of this year, the number of customers already using the 4G LTE technology in Orange increased by 1.5%. by nearly 20 percent., exceeding 2.4 million. 4G LTE is becoming the dominant data transmission layer. The share of LTE technology in the total mobile data transmission in Orange has approached 50%. Since obtaining a reservation for two 800 MHz frequency bands in January this year. Orange intensively invests and develops the range of 4G LTE technology. By the end of the year, it may cover up to 98% of the. Polaków.

The spokesman, Wojciech Jabczyński wrote more about the investment on his blog:

We transmit LTE from over 6,800 base stations, including over 200 whichóSince then, in order to have LTE on your smartphone, you had to switch to a new offer on a case-by-case basis. We are launching LTE 800 on the main marketóespecially in non-urbanized areas. This is an investment priority for us this year. With the largest bandwidth resources, our LTE 800 network provides bandwidths thatóLTE 800 is twice as fast as our competitors’ networksów. Secondly, more and more of you have smartphones and tablets, whichóre supportóhe number of customers with LTE. Almost all currently sold devices allow the use of 4G, which isóre enable really fast surfing. To make the Internet even faster, we are launching dw aggregationóWe are launching our LTE 800 network in the Czech Republic, where we will be able to provide LTE 800 and LTE 2600 base stations in two or three bands for each additional base station. We already have 17 stations whichówhich use the ródifferent bands. The speed you can get is up to 200-300 mbps.


That móTo present better statistics, on 28-29 April the operator switched on the subscribers „automatically” LTE. I have witnessed it myself. Before that date, to have LTE in your smartphone, you had to switch to a new offer individually. On April 28, T-Mobile triumphantly announced this on its website:

In the first quarter of this year, Orange increased its internet penetrationón the first few months we launched over two hundred new stations across the country. As a result, our LTE network already reaches over 90 percent of. The operator, on 28-29 April, switched on the subscribers of the. of Poland’s area. By the end of June, the minimum plan is to reach 92 percent of. of the population.

Over the past year, LTE traffic on T-Mobile’s network has increasedófare by 430 per cent.


Currently the LTE network coverage in Play exceeds 81%. of the population, and to over 40 percent of the population. of the population is reached by the 4G LTE ULTRA network. This translates into availability in 1406 towns, including 120 towns over 10,000. apartmentsów.

We have more than 600 stations deployed as of the end of April 2016 based on the obtained bands allocated according to the results of the auction procedure.


The most important thing is that modernization in a wayób significant impact on network improvement. In the group „Mobile marketing” On Facebook, we are testing what the speeds are in mbps at each of theólnych operatorów. Recently, the speed has improved significantly and the internet has accelerated.