Human as the main marketing trend of 2020

Man as a headóThe main trend of marketing activities in 2020

Putting people at the center of your marketing efforts – appeal the authors of the Deloitte report “2020 Global Marketing Trends”. They put forward a thesis: the basic elementsóIn communication, such as eye contact, personal contact or empathy, there is no substitute for technology.

This is also recognized by Polish marketers. Asked in 2019 by Nielsen as part of “Research Directoróin the marketing of retail chains”, The results of the survey indicate that an important direction of communication activities in the industry is personalization of communication, offers and productsów. They also emphasize that an important trend for them will be omnichannel, i.e. the seamless blending of offline and online strategies.

Marketers are aware of the fact that the generation whichóre we could call it offline, it will gradually have less and less impact on the market. This, in turn, may mean that e.g. Traditional printed magazines, which are very popular, will soon be the most popular format in the industryóalso eagerly read online. Probably. Because, as it is pointed out in the ww. Nielsen study, a forecast not supported by serious research.

Undoubtedly, the combination of twoóch worldów, or offline and online communication is a challenge. The direct mail industry needs to pomóThe marketers have to cope with this task, e.g. sharing market best practices, with high efficiency.

The turn towards the traditional form of advertising was made by Amazon at the end of last year – so far associated only with online e-commerce platform. A company has sent a call to its customersóin a printed gift catalogóon Christmas „Play Together” in a traditional form – printed media. Nothing róIt also does not indicate that this is a one-time whim. Amazon had $233 billion last year. revenuesów. Moreover, in 2018, Amazon’s stock saw an 18 percent increase on the stock market., Which gives the company the title of the most expensive spóof the global stock market. All this allows us to assume that the actions of the boss spóHowever, Jeff Bezos’s hunches are thoroughly rethought.

In turn, a survey conducted by Mobiem Polska indicates that more than 60% of peopleób of 15-35 year olds practically never part with their phones during the day, which, combined with data from „Global Millenial Survey 2019” Deloitte (64% of respondents say they would be happier if they limited the time they spend on direct mail)óThey spend a lot of time using medióThe fact that the digital sector is becoming more and more popular in the social networking sector (e.g. social media) is a warning sign for the digital industry – Its most loyal users, out of concern for their well-being and health, may turn away from itócić.


Adam Puciata, CEO of CTRL System, commissioner of the study directoróin retail chain marketing