What to do to make a game a hit in the marketplace

What to do to make a game a hit in the market?

There is no ready recipe for success in any industry or business. Often the synergy of several factors determines successóIn some cases, it is one of theóThe most important factor, and often a lucky guess. It is analogous in the mobile games segment. However, it is definitely worth following a few rules and indicatingówekka, whichócan bring you closer to success.

First of all, a gamer is a human being

In order to create a game thatówhich millions will love, you need to think about the user at every stage: from the idea, through the design, to implementation. Remember that the recipients are people, with ródifferent motivations and needs. Our game should respond to them. Graphics alone, although important, is only the tip of the góry. The foundations of success are located in psychology and emotions, whichóThe buzz is like a magnet attracting players to our world. User centered design is a methodology, whichót is worth using. A helpful tool in this regard are moodboards, i.e. a visualization of the world and life of the player and the persona, whichóthanks to specifics, they better illustrate the motivation of the players. By answering the questions: why do you play, why do you choose one game over another, you specify a list of user expectations. On its basis, as a twórca, you need to create a second list with features thatówhich will fill them. According to Nicole Lazarro, któIn addition to boredom and the desire to kill time, the need for self-actualization, socialization, experiencing emotions and the desire to build a character with a unique identity are also important. Lazarro willóThe study identified four key aspects that attract players. To bartekcichocki.pl:

Hard Fun – Serious fun

Easy Fun – playing for fun

Altered States – change in emotional state

The People Factor – human factor

When creating a game, we should take care of the presence of these elementsóand program their diffusion. The storyline, gameplay, and design should give zaróIt will be both fun and arouse emotions in the player: competition, risk, curiosity, surprise. Rankings, wspóThe need to play together, the opportunity to get or buy a feature`ów, additional levelling after reaching a certain level – These are just a few of the ideasóin whichóthat can complement each other very well. Combined correspond to róWe are constantly reminded of this principle: the different, often contradictory preferences of players can raise our game in the market download tables. This advice sounds trivial and is probably why it is often ignored. Unfortunately, ignoring the user, his motivation and needs definitely increases the risk of failure.

Icon and name are your callóby

The old adage mósee that people buy with their eyes. With the increasing number of mobile games in the marketplaces, this aspect becomes very important, even crucial to attract a new player. WyróBe or die, said Jack Trout, and we repeat this principle with a maniac’s stubbornness. You have a few seconds to interest a potential player to download your game. So opt for a catchy, uncomplicated name and an eye-catching icon. Make sure it is aesthetically pleasing graphically and „with character”. Remember, it’s your bait, your bargaining chip, whichóThe way the game is played determines to a large extent your success or failure. Name, icon and screen are crucial in the first contact with your game – Players quickly browse through the available games, and there are really many of them in the store. So if a screen or icon doesn’t grab attention, users won’t click to read the detailedóThe game has a detailed description of the game and you will lose a lead.

Mobile games are often about simplicity, because on phones, despite high resolutions, screens are between 3 and 5 inches. This is a small field, so it is important to use it wisely. Don’t clutter your user experience with a color bombóin or themeów. Moderation usually pays off. Confirmed by the icons of games thatóre definitely conquered the mobile world.

Angry Birds

Diamond Dash


Candy Crush Saga

Support yourself with a buzz wokóWe wanted to create a game that would make it easier for users to reach and find it in the maze of store offers. We have written about how to promote a game to make it a hit in the market in a previous article titled. „How to promote a game in Google Play or App Store?

Keep you wanting to come back

Installing the game by the user is not enough. For a game to become recognizable, you need to keep players coming back. It’s a process thatóThis is a process that requires commitment, analysis and ingenuityówhich. Examples of good practice in this area are presented by two róThe game is a game thatóre bang on the market. At the same time, they demystify the thesis that the length of a game affects its success. In the case of Angry Birds and Diamond Dash, this is a side parameter, the user engagement potential is definitely more important.

Carrot as a lever of success, or reinforce positively

For the user, the benefit is important, so in order to increase the potential of your game, do not hesitate to use bonusów, nagród or loyalty tools. But do it with reason and logic. Positive reinforcement plays a huge role in the process of motivation and building relations, but it must be justified. Do not give out prizesóAd hoc, dosing or even limiting them will make the player fight for them and come back for more.

The user should feel that he/she deserves an extra level or a freebie. Clearly defined goals and success metrics and corresponding positive reinforcements will increase the player’s motivation to continue playing. With a set goal, it is easier to achieve it, because it gives meaning to our efforts. Without the balance of nagróand challenges the player will start to get bored. He will stop coming back if he knows everything in the game and nothing will be able to surprise him. Discovering new things, testing oneself and the curiosity to continue are tempting and attractive. The process of constant exploration is based on titles such as Diamond Dash or Stack Buster, whichówhich have one level, randomly generated. The level of entertainment doesn’t change, but the game is slightly different each time in terms of scoring. An element of randomness, in whichóThe fact that the player doesn’t know what kind of game board he/she is going to get is a strong factor thatóry generates returns. Players with a gambler’s streak come back to see if they’ll get lucky this time.

RóIt is not a good strategy to expand the game with new elements every day. Candy Crash Saga is based on a similar ideaóra has hundreds of levelsóin, so there will always be something new and unknown to play. From a marketing and self-promotional point of view, it is worth using push messages, whichóWith clear messages and a clear call to action, remind, inform or encourage the user to participate in an adventure that will make them feel like they belongóra is waiting for him the icon below – in our game.

Gamification is important. Criticism also

In order for the game to become a hit in the market, don’t forget about the elements of gamification. Creating a list of friends, the ability to recommend our game, mutual interaction, building a community, etcównning the resultów – we like to do it. Give players the feeling that they belong to the game world, that they share itóCreate. If they can share their feedback, comment on the game, they will appreciate the opportunity. Remember that róIt is also extremely important for you, because testing and collecting feedback can greatly improve the game. If you want to have millions of active players, don’t bóWe need to face criticism. Use the feedback and recommendations of players and respect the suggestions and corrections submitted.

Your game is for the player, the player is what makes it successful. If he is satisfied, he will tell others and invite them to play. Recommendation marketing is your ally, so remember to never underestimate it.