What’s New in iOS 14 Released Today

What’s new in iOS 14? Launch today

The dust hasn’t settled yet after the introduction of Android 11, and already we’re getting another novelty. Apple has announced iOS 14. Operating system for iPhone owners’ów will undergo quite a metamorphosis. I invite you to summarize the changes, whichóre to be available from today, i.e. from 16 September.

In appearance brand new, in operation a good friend. This is how Apple is promoting its latest operating system, whichóry is to change and simplify the most common tasks.

Widgets on the Start screen

The most noticeable change will be the personalized widgets on the start screen. Calendar, weather forecast, stock price spóHeads up… Nothing easier. Add a widget and gather all the information you need at a glance.

App library

Any company that respects its customersóthe institution already has its own application. Apple has grouped them in a library and created separate folders. Apps storeów – Here you go, banks – no problem, sports, games, business, most used. Clearly and intuitively arranged applications.

Inbound calls – picture in picture

Apple has changed the view of incoming calls. Previously, an incoming call took up almost the entire screen. Today, when a large portion of us use AirPods wireless headphones to talków – Incoming calls will no longer cover the entire screen. Then a thin bar appears at the góry screen. For that picture-in-picture. You’re taking the video conversation down a notchóThe rest of the screen is at your disposal.

An important change is the increased availability of applications. During group calls over FaceTime, people using sign language will be more exposed.

Augmented Reality

The Location Anchors feature will allow you to attribute specific wspócoordinates to an objectóin AR. ARKit extended face tracking support to devices with A12 Bionic chip and newer. Facilitated augmented reality experiences only through the front camera. RealityKit environment gave the possibility to add video textures to any scene or virtual element. Characters, objects or surfaces can look like life. Ba… they can even move.

Maps app róThe phone has also undergone a metamorphosis. Modules related to bicycle route planning take into account information about bicycle paths, hills, stairs or crowded streets.

An interesting feature is the routing module. Points out car charging stationsóin electric. The app even takes into account the elevation of the terrain and adds stops along the route. If you tell the app what kind of car you haveód, takes róAlso stations with matching chargers.

In big cities, there are designated high-traffic areas that will allow you to change the volume where you need itóThe Maps app can inform you about toll fees or routes to avoid the zoneów, entering the most crowded streets and keep the air clean. The Maps app can inform you about tolls for entering a zone or route you out of a zone.

Maps can also let you know when you’re approaching a speed camera or red light camera.

When you go to another country, you don’t always speak the language. Apple has introduced automatic speech recognition. It has also added transcription. ObróThe phone is placed horizontally, tap and let the magic happen. The app will recognize TwóThe application recognizes your language and translates your speech into the target language in audio and written form. The quality of the audio version will be ensured by machine learning and Apple’s own system.

The feature is supposed to work róAlso offline, and if it is necessary to repeatóThe great feature is that you can customize the headset for translation, you will be able to save the translation and add it to your favorites. 11 languages will be availableóin: English and Spanish as the 2 most common, but also Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

Apple introduced the ability to enter text using the Wubi method (for China), released a lot of new fonts for India and effectóFull screen greetings in one of 22 languagesóin India, or introduced autocorrect for Irish Gaelic and Norwegian Nynorsk.

Smarthome, or the HOUSE app

The smart home management application will make suggestions for automation. For example, it will configure the light at your front door to turn on by itself every eveningór. The app will point out devices thatóre they need attention or control, it will adjust the color of the lighting according to their comfort or time of day. Camera management and motion notifications only from designated activity zones will increase the comfort of life.

Cameras and ringtones, whichóThe video-recording and face-recognition system for Indian Gaelic and Norwegianób, tags in the app based on a previously added photo. And it all happens safely and respectfully. In the app, not in the cloud.

The world’s fastest mobile browser: Safari

Accelerated and streamlined, taking care of user comfort and privacy. The browser translates pages into seven rótic languagesów, warns you if your password is too weak using advanced cryptographic techniques. It also generates privacy reports.

AirPods, the ultimate sound experience

AirPods Pro are said to deliver cinema-quality sound. Improvements to include dynamic head tracking. AirPods use a directional sound filter. They will adjust the frequency of the sound in each ear. This will provide an unforgettable experience.

iPhone notifies you when your AirPods battery is running lowów, and when you want to start watching a movie on your iPad, your AirPods will automatically switch. And for other Apple devices too.

A great convenience is the ability to customize the headphones foróThe new hearing aid allows you to change the volume where you want it. And finally, a very interesting option – connection of twoóch pairs of AirPods to Apple TV to respect spokóHomeów.

For the developeróThe Motion API will provide data on the orientation, acceleration and rotation frequency of the headphonesóThe AirPods can be used to create mobile games and fitness apps.

Screen “Listen Now” includes a new section “Next”. This will be a more personal feature with a list of previously played podcastsów. There will be suggestions, matching your previous choicesóand the latest episodes of your favorite podcastsów.

Reading about the next improvements and news I got the impression that Apple cares more and more about protecting privacy. Here’s what’s new. Before you download an app from AppStore, you can check its privacy settings.

And here comes something that Android users in the latest version will not find. When któhe application will use the microphone or the camera, u góry screen will appear with a special indicator, and in the control center you’ll be able to see if these tools have been used recently by apps.

If the app wants access to use photos, there will be an option to share selected graphics or the entire library. Zarówno iOS 14 and Android 11 bet on user protectionóin front of tracking in applications. In your iPhone settings’In your iPhone settings you will find information aboutód, któthat have previously been given.

Exactly since September 8 Android users róalso can count on the update. About news in Android 11 I wrote here . Google update’and the Apple changes’and it looks poor. Apple has really planned a lot of improvements thatóre allow iPhone users’óin saving mnóThe new iPhone 11 will not only improve the user experience, but also the quality of use. Attention to detailóły, it takes care of the user.

A quote by psychologist Jack Walkiewicz comes to mind: Passion breeds professionalism, professionalism gives quality, and quality is a luxury in life.