What is the best way to combine mobile in order to have an effective campaign

What is the best way to combine mobile to create an effective campaign?

Multi-channel mobile campaigns in combination with other media are currently the hottest trend in online marketing. Below are case studies of mobile campaigns combined with actions on desktop and on TV.


One of the most spectacular campaigns this year was carried out by Audience Network. At the turn of January and February, voting took place in the prestigious European Best Destination 2018 competition. It is an annual poll for the most popular tourist city on the Old Continent, and this year this honour fell to Wroclaw.

Activities were conducted on mobile and desktop. This consisted of geotrapping, behavioral measures, retargeting, as well as Google Adwords GDN and social media. Preparing for promotional activities Audience Network, a company specializing in data consulting, conducted analysis of profiles of people visiting websites about Wrocław wroclaw.pl and visitwroclaw.eu. This diagnosis made it possible to identify the best converting internet users and, on this basis, to create behavioral profiles, which were then used for super precise targeting.

The campaign also included geotrapping, i.e. directing ads to people staying in a specific location. The banners were displayed to Internet users who were at a given moment in specific public places in Wroclaw – at the city square, railway station, airport or in shopping malls. We also targeted Wrocław citizens living abroad, which turned out to be a great success.

Wroclaw received a total of 41 148 votes, which allowed the campaign to be ranked number 1. places in the competition. It overtook the Spanish city of Bilbao by almost 1 500 votes. It was also voted ahead of Prague, Paris, Barcelona and Amsterdam. The campaign contributed to 27 547 votes for Wrocław. The conversion rate exceeded 60%. Interestingly, actions targeted at Wrocław residents, who were abroad during the voting, had a very good effect. In this target group, it reached 46.3% of all benefits. The conversion rate in this channel was over 51%.

A successful integration of the mobile channel with TV was implemented by the brand of sports and lifestyle clothing chain Sizeer. Considering that the activities were conducted 3 years ago, it is safe to say that the potential that also lies in mobile apps was recognized in advance and still has not been fully exploited.

In 2015, for the duration of “You Can Dance” and “Kuba Wojewódzki” programmes, applications were created where special branded Sizeer zones were launched. They enabled viewers to exchange opinions and vote for their favorite dancers from “You Can Dance”, as well as the best bands competing in Kuba Wojewódzki’s show. Directly from the application level there was also redirection to the whole offer of Sizeer store. In addition, on TVN television and the Player platform.pl were broadcasting sponsor billboards of 8′ length. The campaign was in line with the trend of multiscreening and social screening, which were not so obvious then, but are now leading trends in media consumption.

This was one of the first campaigns of this type in Poland, and its effects proved impressive. Both apps were downloaded a total of 130,000 times. In case of 8′ spots for “You Can Dance” the brand reached over 3 million viewers from Sizeer target group, which gave almost 40% reach. In the case of 8′ spots for the “Kuba Wojewódzki” program, the statistics look similar – more than 3 million viewers from the 13-29 group, and reach of about 40%.

Mobile channel in combination with TV should become a key element for all marketers. Digital and TV already in 2017 accounted for as much as 76% of global advertising spending. These are currently the most important marketing communication channels.

It is therefore worth taking a look at other campaigns and the approach to the strategy of using mobile in multichannel campaigns. MOBIEM POLSKA implements campaigns combining mobile with various offline and online media. In our proposals for clients we try to suggest such packages of solutions that will ensure an effective campaign integrated on the level of many media. This is what happened with the promotion of the sixth season of “The Walking Dead” – says Marek Naruszewicz, agency sales director.

In the fall of 2015, the series premiere was supported by a custom campaign using the mobile channel. Campaign strategy executed by Vizeum Polska and MOBIEM POLSKA media house assumed using multiscreening and mobile channel through geotargeted notifications. Graphic notifications went directly to the target group users’ phones. The target group were people who spent their evenings at home in front of the TV. Notifications were geolocated to people who at least two days in a row at 19.00-7.00 were connected to Wi-Fi of selected TV providers and stayed in the same place.

This campaign also used the potential of an innovative function Click to Calendar, which enabled recipients of graphic notifications to save an event in the calendar and set a reminder. The upcoming premiere episode was reminded via emails sent 6 hours before its broadcast and pop-up notifications made available 20 minutes before the expected event.

As a result, the notifications reached 218 350 unique users. Click-through rate (CTR) was 5.47%, 304% higher than other formats in the campaign. During the campaign, the ratings for the FOX channel showing “The Walking Dead” on Mondays between 10-11 p.m. reached 0.96% in the 16-49 demographic, which gave the channel an increase of 1096%.

MOBIEM POLSKA has already carried out many campaigns combining mobile with other media. Noteworthy is the campaign for the automotive brand synchronised with radio spots, where geolocalised notifications to major junctions in Polish cities were linked to specific times of broadcasting selected radio spots. As emphasized by the representatives of the mobile industry, mobile is becoming a common element of the advertising strategy of many marketers.

We note that mobile is becoming an important element of offline campaigns. For advertisers it is an opportunity to use the potential of not one, but two channels of advertising communication. When carrying out activities for our clients, we always try to analyze their advertising presence in traditional media and propose solutions compatible with them. We can see that such an approach translates into a real increase in sales results, which is why we are planning to introduce new products in the near future that will facilitate cross-media activities for our clients &8211; Eliza Durnakowska, General Director of MOBIEM POLSKA, emphasizes.

TV viewer-mobile’owiec

When planning advertising expenditure today it is impossible to ignore mobile. This year, we received a breakthrough study from Gemius which measured how many hours, on average, individual groups of users spend in front of the computer, smartphone and TV screen each month. In the case of television, the survey covered all four of the most significant television channels on the market – Polsat, TVN, TVP1 and TVP2. Their most loyal viewers spend on average 95 hours a month watching TV and 58 hours browsing the internet on smartphones.

Surprising are also the data concerning social media. People are simply maniacally using their smartphones to watch TV, and during the commercials as many as 90% of Polish Internet users are using this device. One third of Internet users browse social networking sites and one in five plays games.