What is SMS marketing for, and does it make sense in the XXI century?

Why SMS marketing and whether it makes sense in the XXI century?

In the age of all-pervasive technology, marketing messages reach the recipient from almost every direction, whether they want to or not. Colourful billboards on the streets, leaflets in letterboxes, product placement during your favourite video clip, ads in social media. An average receiver is bombarded with several dozen of advertising messages daily, although in the best case he is able to remember only 10% of them. And how is SMS marketing?

What SMS marketing is for?

SMS marketing is an excellent solution for conveying short but important information. SMS campaigns allow you to quickly provide the recipient with information about discounts, appointment reminders, notifications or personalized thanks for the purchase. SMS message sent to an individual phone number, as opposed to other communication channels. Interestingly, the message open rate is as high as 95%! Sending an SMS campaign to the recipients collected in the database gives unlimited possibilities. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your sales activities, it is worth thinking additionally about an e-mail campaign.

SMS mobile marketing campaigns are able to reach directly to potential customers interested in goods or services. This form of advertising can be much more effective than other forms of traditional or online marketing.

SMS as a short, personalized message

It is worth treating marketing activities with the use of SMS as a conversation with the recipient. A short text message is only 160 characters, some of which should be used to personalize the content. If your contact database includes first and last names, you can use them in a greeting, e.g. “Hi Martin!”.

In addition, consider using direct phrases to the recipient in your message: “Come/See/Search”, “Especially for you”. Sending personalized and directly targeted sales offers is more effective than generic ones that speak to everyone and no one at the same time.

SMS text messaging provides another important opportunity Targeting. When building your audience base using newsletters, it’s also a good idea to collect additional demographic or behavioral data, such as gender, age, or interests. Using this data, you can address a specific group of people with a precisely tailored message. It is also an easy way to save time and money, and above all to increase the effectiveness of SMS campaigns.

How to quickly and effectively reach the recipient?

Time is money, so plan your campaign – specify the date and time of sending, and intelligent algorithms will take care of the rest. Mobile marketing is an effective way of communication supporting sales.

Platforms for sending SMS campaigns

Platforms for SMS marketing allow you to put the name of the company, brand or product as the sender (up to 11 characters), instead of the standard phone number displayed. Many people may be reluctant to look at a message sent from an unknown number, and introducing a specific sender field adds credibility to the message and positively influences the message reception and brand awareness. Launching any of the sender fields in SMS sending platforms is very simple and usually takes place from the level of an intuitive panel. For example, the DMSales platform provides the possibility of sending SMS messages with or without special characters, counts the characters and the SMS weight in real time.

New possibilities of sending multimedia via SMS

Thanks to the various features of SMS marketing platforms, it is possible to enrich text messages with additional, interactive content. The platforms allow you to send a shortened link that directs you directly to a website or app in the Google Store or Apple Store. What is more, a short link allows to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities.

For whom SMS marketing?

Is SMS marketing intended only for companies with a big budget? Marketers with SMS campaigns in place point to very high deliverability and open rates compared to mailing campaigns, and low costs compared to other, often used communication channels.

SMS marketing is a cost-effective channel for marketing communications with mobile customers. Why? Because we are talking first of all about high effectiveness at the level of ROI, and secondly there are no expenses, e.g. The number of SMS marketing projects in Poland has not lost its significance. At the same time, there are many advanced tools available on the market that optimize the effectiveness of SMS sending, and thus reduce the costs per effect achieved.

SMS marketing tailored to customer needs

Don’t you have contact numbers for your potential or current customers? It doesn’t hurt. By creating an account on the DMSales platform, you have the possibility to send SMS campaigns to the contacts of your choice from your business or consumer database, all in compliance with RODO. By combining the capabilities of DMSales and DMSender, you can automatically target alerts, special offers and relevant information to the right audience from the right location at the right time. You will receive a PDF report for the SMS ad you have run and have the ability to search and filter contacts for the campaign. Would you like to test a platform opportunity? Register for free.


Research and analysis of the marketing communication market in recent years clearly shows that, contrary to some opinions, SMS marketing has not lost its significance. Moreover, taking into account the significant increase in the number of mobile device users and the development of technologies optimizing message sending, it can be estimated that this form of marketing will maintain its strong position. An additional advantage of mass SMS messaging is the relatively low popularity of this tool among marketers, compared to other communication channels. As a result, it can give you a significant advantage over the competition and allow your campaign to stand out. Therefore, when preparing a marketing strategy for 2020 it is worth thinking about the use of SMS campaigns.