What apps developed in 2019 will look like

What will the applications created in 2019 look like

The last 12 months have been a busy time for designersóin mobile and web applications, as well as teamóin response to “user experience” (so-called. UX). The current year promises to be róThe life span of a beacon is one year to even a year, as shown by the leading trends in web and mobile application design. What designers lived in 2018?

Dribble – graphical inspiration center

Dribble has grown in 2018 to become a global hub of inspiration for designeróin mobile/web and illustratorów. The portal works on a social networking basis – Designers can publish their work here as long as they receive an invitation from another user. This site is Instagram for designerów. The portal was created for fun and inspiration (hence the name referring to the basket ofóThis time). Today, it is an important place for osób working with image. The site is dominated by mobile and web app projects, but you can róalso find illustrations. Users with a PRO account can publish more of their work than others. 2018 was definitely the year of the Dribble portal, from an individual designer’s perspectiveóas well as companies looking for talented graphic designersów.

Minimalism and white in design

As you can see, several apps on our smartwatches have recently undergone a redesign. Once again, minimalism, black and expressive typography were appreciated in design. As most of the apps are used every day, the focus was on simple designs without overwhelming content.

The most striking change in recent weeks is Facebook Messenger. The refreshed messenger no longer has an overabundance of blue – Now theówhite and crisp typography. Messenger’s designers focused on the mainóThe new product introduces a new look and feel to the Gmail app, which has been redesigned to make daily use of the app less of a chore for the useróin tiring, and an excess of coloróin not distracted by.

Big changes can also be seen in Google services – such as. in the Gmail app. After 4 years since the first version, in 2018 Google released Google Material 2, a design language. It’s a collectiveór advice and ready-made elementóin whichóThey improve work bothóinno designerów, as well as developerów. Google Material 2 is all about more contact, typography and focus on user needsów.