It wasn’t and won’t be the year of mobile. Mobile is more about micro-moments

It wasn’t and won’t be „of the mobile year”. Mobile is more of a micro-moment

Published at the turn of March and April this year, the mShopper 2 report.0 provided a lot of interesting information about changes in the behaviour of our mobile customersów. The results of the survey indicate that within 2 years, in the most interesting age group (19-34 l.) virtually smartphone and tablet usage has doubled. This is a great future forecast for m-commerce. On a macro level, are we finally in for the year of mobile? Not – there will be no such thing – but I think this is great news!

There will be no year of mobile

Every practitioner operating on our e-commerce market observing customer behavioróin e.g. in Google Analytics can confirm that currently in the category „mobile” number of userów is growing very fast. But are those mobile users are buying? The data shows that they are starting to, although all the while on the side of service ownersóThere is still a lot of work to be done in terms of improving the usability and accessibility of the offer on mobile devices.

An inspiring example of a beaten path was presented by Marcin Zaremba on his blog How the new PizzaPortal mobile service was created.en. The effect in the form of 3x better resultsóin mobile sales was achieved thanks to a number of changes consisting in simplifying and speeding up the process ordering by the mobile customeróThe service can also be used to suggest names of cities and streets while typing in the orderórallies on the phone. Simple procedures are building advantage in mobile channel.

Goodbye Black Friday, hello m-commerce

Google presented an interesting material on the behavior of mobile customeróbehaviour during the Christmas shopping seasonów. The study shows that customers abandon their purchasesóin during the one-day marathonóin shopping events, such as Black Friday, in favor of buyingóin mobile fulfillment during the Thanksgiving weekend. micro momentów. 54 percent. respondents indicated that they plan to shop during their free time, e.g. during transport. Google predicts that future shopping will extend throughout the holiday season. The data shows that 30 percent of the. of all holiday shoppingóin being made by phones.

The effect of the changes, whichóhe success of mobile is systematic decline in importance of such commercial icons like Black Friday. Since 2013, the National Retail Federation (NRF) has reported declining sales in U.S. stationary retail. This trend is already unlikely to change.

For the first time, the NRF (Thanksgiving Weekend Survey) indicated that a greater proportion of customerów for Christmas shopping will go to theóonline, and not to storeóin stationary. Is it possible that in the biggest and most important market such a profound change of habits? Certainly, the entire retail sector is facing a lot of work to attract customersów, któwho want to buy online. Sooner or lateróLater, the changes taking place in the U.S. will also reach our market.

detailsóThe NRF’s latest survey results provide a number of interesting insights into user expectationsóin a smartphoneów. When asked howóyou use a smartphone on your days off, respondents indicated:

– 31.9%. – are planning to look for and pore overóncrease product pricesów;

– 22.4 percent. – plan to orderóto purchase products;

– 18.3 percent. – plans to implement discount coupons;

– 18,9 percent. – plan to check information about the store (location, opening hours, directions);

– 14.7%. – plan to check in at a store where they can find a product;

– 11.0 percent. – plan to use the app to search for or orderóproduct knowledge;

– 11,0 per cent. – are planning to use apps to make payments for ordersóprice comparison;

– 5.2 percent. – plan to use a smartphone to pay for an orderóin-store purchase.

Due to the large amount of detailedóThe data from 2015., I recommend the above mentioned studies for further analysis. There are róAlso a number of other interesting studies on new consumer habitsów.

In the shopping process itself, the individualódifferent devices meet the needs of different shoppersóThe key is to define common roles and functions. Material from Nielsen prepared on the basis of the previous holiday shopping seasonów indicates what action we are more likely to perform on the phone, e.g.: geolocation functions, and what kind of tablet e.g.: writing and reading opinions about the castleóThey are wary of mobile payments in their products.

The key is to define common roles andóIn the future, the changes in the U.S. will also reach our marketóAll available devices: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Each of them offers specific functions, perfectly mastered by them. Therefore Do not divide shoppers into strictly mobile vs. desktop.

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