IOS 13 release date, specs and rumors

iOS 13 – release date, specs and rumors

Among the loud recent leaks, renders of what the new iPhone 11 will look like, it is time to take an interest in what will be new in the system on which it will work. The current version of iOS 12.2 brought mostly stability fixes and many features expected from it will probably make it to version 13 of the mobile system from Apple.

When will it be released?

June 3, 2019 – this June Monday will be WWDC 2019, during which iOS 13 should see the light of day.

First half of June – usually a few days after the presentation of a new system, it goes in beta form to developers.

End of June – probably then the daredevils will be able to download the open, public beta of the new system. If it goes well, it will be a bit more stable than the developer version.

Mid-September – then the stable version of iOS 13 should debut – for now with the new iPhone’a X and its larger / cheaper variants.

On which models the new system will work?

Here, as with the release dates or the list of novelties, nothing is confirmed yet. In fact, the fate of models like the iPhone 6/6 plus, iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3, and even the iPhone SE hang in the balance. It is true that Apple recently put less on upgrades to new models, so the listed devices have a chance to be the oldest supporting iOS 13.

Lots of news for iPad

Every two years, iPads get a bunch of new features with a system update – and it’s no different now. Apple has been advertising the iPad for some time, especially the Pro line, as a device that can replace the computer. Leaks confirm that the company’s strategy does not change in this regard.

One of the more interesting changes could be mouse support. Personally, I myself recently replaced my Windows PC with an iPad Pro, and indeed the mouse is something I have not yet gotten used to the lack of. The iPad will also be able to be used as an extra screen next to Macs and will gain the ability to use external drives via the USB-C port from iPad Pro, so that imports such as. photos will be much faster.

Other devices will not be disappointed either

The new iOS may bring the first major home screen redesign in its history. The new home screen may make room for some of the widgets we know today – e.g. weather or calendar. If developers learn from how space is sensibly used on the Apple Watch and bring that to the big screen, the results could be very interesting.

Dark theme is one of the trendiest features of last year, and its appearance in popular applications or systems always arouses great interest – see the recent update of Facebook Messenger. macOS Mojave already got its Dark Mode last year, and on mobile devices it has even more advantages, such as better screen readability in the dark or a good impact on battery consumption.

Although the iPhone’s camera takes some of the best photos on the market (although not the best), its app is very basic, not to say outdated. That is why iOS 13 brings hope for its refresh. When it comes to camera apps, Apple has to work hard to live up to the functionality, with ease of use, of cameras like the Pixel 3 or Huawei P30 Pro.

Blocking unwanted calls is the domain of the Pixel 3, where Google has shown amazing usability based on its Assistant, which answers the phone itself and helps us assess whether we should join or block the call. Unfortunately this feature doesn’t work outside USA, but even my Pixel can check if there is a number calling me and it shows me who is calling – even if I don’t have it in my contacts (of course this works mainly for business numbers). iOS 13 follows this trend and is also expected to receive similar support.

That’s it?

No, there is still information about four, new Animoji, changes in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection support or new options in the Health app. As well as many, many other guesses. However, we will have to wait until June for the full list.