Does the mobile industry know how to promote itself?

Does the mobile industry know how to promote itself?

„2013 will not be the year of mobile!” have announced an almost unanimous chórem speakers during one of the most interesting industry conferences, at whichóI recently attended the Mobile Trends Conference 2013. And that’s a surprise, especially since they’ve been promising us for several years that every year would belong to mobile. Intriguing…, but is it really a good idea the industry way – writes Monika Moskwa, the owner of Front Communications.

Of course, I understand that this was actually primarily a ploy to get the attention of the audience. However, I wonder why most of the speakersów reached for this argument? Well, after the great euphoria comes reflection verified by business reality. Quite possible, but why?

It seems to me that the cause is unfortunately on our side, dear mobile industry. We, the enthusiasts, focus on fantastic applications, great graphics, wonderful aesthetics, phenomenal „usability” and whatever else. And here still, according to statistics, only 35 percent of. useróinto a smartphoneów downloads applications. And at this point the question pops into my head, then what are they using the smartphone for? Fortunately, I don’t pay much attention to statistics and I always console myself that a gentleman and a dog on a walk would statistically have three legs each, which is almost impossible. 🙂

Nevertheless, it is worth doing something about it. And here you have to keep putting. Unfortunately, it is still the case that the customer, oprócz great „Wow”, The fact that we are going to make a mobile application for ourselves, has little awareness of why it is necessary toóbut such a marvel?

Therefore, let’s promote mobile amongód useróIn the future, all collected shopper information is deletedód industry. Lucjan Exner, sales manager for the EMEA markets in the international mobile advertising network InMobi, accurately characterized it. „20%. of the budget is the production of applications, while 80 percent of the total budget is the production of apps. promotion” – Many developersóand forget about it.

It is known that it is easier to sell an idea to a person whoóThe market is more interested in the topic than in someone who does not know about it, but the effort will pay off. Educate the market about the business opportunities offered by applications and raise awareness of the benefits of mobile. Let’s go to industry meetings (not mobile!), let’s organize conferences aimed at marketersóin the róThe future of the shop in the QR code scanning sectoróWe should publish articles in various media explaining the advantages of mobile solutions and presenting interesting examples from abroad.

And no móLet’s say no more about poor statistics and that this year will not belong to mobile! Because if we show that we do not believe in the mobile phenomenon, how can we convince the market??

Speaking of the 35 percent. After all, the glass is always half empty, or half full. Let’s turn these statistics of ours into success. Since only 35 percent of. The potential market is 65%:-)

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