Crowd testing – what you should know about your app

Crowd testing – or what you should know about your application

When designing applications, we provide users with elements thatóWe are not only aware of the best solutions from our perspective, but we also know that they are the best for our clientsóCrowd testing gives an answer to the question what path to take. But are we sure that we will interest the customer in our product? Mistakes in business cost a lot, but there is a wayóThe tests allow you to eliminate errorsóin just before the product is delivered to the market – to crowd testing.

According to the 2014 Keynote Mobile Quality Survey – only 16 percent. userów gives a second chance to an application thatóWhat problems did they have the first time around?. Crowd testing consists of testing the application by the target group of our business. Customers provide us with the necessary knowledge about detected bugsóThey also inform about the future development path of the product. Thanks to conducted tests you save time, money and avoid possible failure. Crowd testing gives an answer to the question what path to take. Tests should be carried out at every stage of application’s life – zaróBoth before releasing the application on the market as well as during the conversion drop testing.

HeadóThe main problem for peopleób there is a small group of testers designing mobile applicationsóor lack thereof. World Quality Report, among other thingsóThe fact that 48 percent of. organization points to lack of availability as a problem expertóin from a testóin mobile applications. Programmer on ogóThe head is focused on building the application, often not seeing the bug initiallyów. As it turns out, even 50 percent of. The time spent on the sale ofóThe amendments will be particularly important foróThe new VAT rules will come into effect on July 2021.

Tests of the application should be carried out on a large number of mobile devicesóThe changes will be made with different operating systems, different screen resolutions and differentóThe amendment introduces the so-called. By using the application on different devices, you can determine, among other things, its responsiveness (in the case of web applications) or the correct installation and operation.

Crowd testing gives you the opportunity to discover the true behavior of your target audience while testing your productóand the elimination of errorsów. The elements thatóre are good from a developer’s perspective, they may not necessarily appeal to customers. The crowd tests and analyzes applications according to a strictly defined scenario. The data obtained should be collected and processed, thus giving a full picture of the functionality and usefulness of the product.