Beacons are dead or not dead Review of fresh applications

Beacons are dead or not dead!? Review of fresh applications

What’s the deal with using beaconsów w placóin shopping malls? Some brag about generating record revenuesów, others móbind „beacons are dead”. The truth is, there is a lot going on in the subject and those whoóThey have bet on this technology, the ideaóis not lacking in. And new trends in the use of intelligent sensorsóAmazon seems to be setting the.

Video, payments and advertising

inMarket, a platform that uses beacons to send notifications of in-store deals, recently boasted that it had persuaded a customerópayments for purchasesóin a total value of one billionóin the dollarów. On the other hand, the CEO of Euclid Analytics, an analytics firm, recently stated that beacons for the retail sector are dead. Brent Franson enumerates the Problems with maintaining Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices or customer reluctance to use themów to install dedicated applications. It turns out that companies thatóThey are betting on the use of beaconsóIn stores, they have to work hard to attract consumers.

Polish startup Estimote recently released a device called Estimote Mirror, whichóThe goal is to attract customers with video images. Estimote Mirror uses only BLE and does not require contact with an app. Sensors placed in e.g. The beacon, which is placed on a shoe in a shoe store, can contact the monitor and display relevant content when a customer grabs the shoe to try it on.

And US mobile advertising platform The Mobile Majority wants to use beacons to send a messageóin customers when they are already outside the store or other premises. The company has just purchased a twórca beaconsów – Gimbal brand. The Mobile Majority wants to identify devices in a given location through sensors, then use the additional data and send advertising messages to these devices after time. Believes that a delayed message will be better suited to the potential consumer.

Beacons and BLE are also increasingly used in payments. American Netclearance has developed a technology thatóThe phone can be used to pay for groceries bought at vending machines. The communication used here is with mbeaconVend via BLE. Danes will be paying at checkouts with their phones as early as next year, whichóThe new Amazon grocery store will communicate with modern Spire Payments terminals thanks to BLE. Contact with the device is initiated the moment the customer approaches the cash register. All you have to do to debit your account is enter your PIN.

Will Amazon Go change everything?

Magazine „Forbes” However, it heralds the end of the traditional use of beaconsóIn connection with today’s news, which is the emergence of beacon-basedóin the Amazon Go grocery. Though the squareóThe new Amazon grocery store will not be a traditional cash register or even a self-serviceóWhile it won’t be available yet, the magazine already sees it as a breakthrough solution. In Amazon Go points we will not need nor readyóThe new Amazon grocery store will be a small, traditional or even self-service. All we have to do when we enter is scan our smartphone, which will be used to pay at the checkoutóWe will have a special application installed. Then the sensors „inform” This application will know what goods the customer has packed in his bag and when he leaves the store, „download” appropriate payment from his account.

Amazon’s new grocery store will be a móThe new trends in the use of smart sensorsóThe new beacons will make it easier than ever. We are talking here not only about information on. the weight or shape of the productów, but also about the precise tracking of them by image recognition technology known from the production of carsóin autonomous. Such mechanisms will be able to collect a lot of information about our consumer habits. The magazine argues that such solutions could be a new opportunity for retailersóin those disappointed with the effectiveness of beacon-based technologies.

In our opinion, the Amazon Go example is not a threat to beaconóin retail, but is an example of a modern approach to making purchaseów.

On the other hand, we have Bluetooth 5 on the horizon.0, któThis option assigns 100% of conversions to the first interaction with the website, which is supposed to take away all the limitations from proximity marketing.

Beacons are dead or not dead. We have been closely watching the development of this technology since its inception, and in our opinion it is definitely not dead.