Beacon technology during the Culture Night event. Interview with Grzegorz Gruza

Beacon technology during an event „Culture Night”. Interview with Grzegorz Gruza

Grzegorz Gruza, marketing director at Imaxe: Applications based on the use of beacon technology currently absorb all of our company’s attention and resources. We see our future in them.

Where did the idea come from to use this technology in cultural events, specifically in „Culture Night”?

The idea was quite spontaneous. We were looking for an idea of using LUME in the city space and one of our journalist friends suggested an upcoming event „Culture Night”. The organizers responded to our proposal more than enthusiastically. From the beginning we have been looking for a space for LUME thatóra will be a value for the userów. Events are one of them. By the way, of course we care about commercial offers in the future, które in the application – from the beginning – also have their place.

In what wayób Imaxe reaches out to the useróin the smartphoneów with the LUME mobile application?

„Culture Night” This is the birth time of the application. LUME was promoted during the event (press, radio, TV, WWW and FB page of the organizer) and by Imaxe activities (profile on FB, press mailing). The involvement of our employees proved to be very effective in terms of promotionóespecially on the day of the event. They helped the citizens of Lublin to install the application on their smartphones.

In total, during the event to the useró19097 notifications were sent in those with the application. It looks like a good result. Have you managed to collect other interesting data?

84 percent. useróThe user provided us with their gender and age, although this information was not necessarily required when installing the application.

What to do to get people to use beaconsóIn such events, but also in other situations – shopping malls, promotions, recently there was even an implementation at a university?

In our opinion, it is necessary to create applications from the very beginning, built in closeócooperation with users. We also need to show the benefits of beaconsóin and móto tell more about them than we have done so far.

How to encourage them to turn on the bluetooth – is the basis for the use of?

The experience with LUME showed us that users definitely did not see this as a problem. Some people were surprised that the application requires using bluetooth permanently. The problem is solved in such a wayóWe would like to mention that when installing LUME it asks to turn on bluetooth.

These are new tools and people may not know them – you mentioned that at the event you even helped to install the application. What else to do to make the statistics as good as possible?

For our part, we communicate intensively with users. This was the case for example. as part of the application test carried out 3 days before the event. PrzynióHe sent us many valuable comments and ideasów. We take all comments and remarks seriously – or on FB or in app stores. We react to them and draw conclusions from them.

How do the users react to this type of solution and where else can beacons perform well??

We have very good feedback from the useróof our users, whichóThey were willing to share their impressions with us. In the case of „Culture Night” It is a technology built for such situations. At one time there were almost 300 artistic events in the area of Lublin city center. Beacons allow participants to communicate what is happening in the area in the near future. And for that users thanked us – including journalists.

When it comes to the usability of beaconsóWe believe in the power of the idea „Internet of things”. We expect that in fact in the next few years everything that can be connected to the Internet will be connected to it. This offers extraordinary opportunities in the róWhat to do to get people to use beacons – medicine, industry or transport, not forgetting education or our homeóin and apartments.

What is currently planned by the company Imaxe in the field of beacon technology implementations?

Our current goal is to develop the LUME project. We want to find many valuable for our usersóin the sourceócultural information sources and enrich them with interesting commercial offers. We are counting on a quick developmentóThe project will be implemented throughout Poland and, in time, also in Europe. We see the future of our development in beacons.