Are we closer to 5G?. In Poland, it’s the scam of the year so far.

Are we closer to 5G?. In Poland, for now „scam of the year”

5G is one of the buzzwordsóin the last year. Móit is believed that this new standard for the comóThe new technology will enable transfers of up to 20 GB/sec. Móey also believe that it will make the streaming services market and the whole internet of things flourish and that 5G will be the new hand for the smart home. MóIt is also believed (especially in marketing messages) that 5G is already here, right around the corner. And how it really is?

Almost two years ago, I wrote that tiny San Marino in 2018 will be the first country toówhich will have access to 5G in its entirety. And it has succeeded, although the scale is not impressive – nationwide coverage is provided by 8 Nokia base stations operating in 3500 MHz band. San Marino is joined by róalso the first cities operating in the new standard – Since July 2018, 5G has been available in the Estonian capital (more than 2x the size of San Marino) and the Finnish city of Tampere. In both locations, transfer speeds reach „only” up to 2.2 GB/s. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Ericsson and Swisscom have just launched the first large-scale commercial network in Europe. The service covers 54 cities, min. Zurich, Brno or Geneva, and the coverage of ogólnternational should be reached by the end of this year.

The commotion aroundó5G

One of the leading producersóin strongly supporting the development ofó5G networks, and at the same time very controversial, is Huawei. It was this Chinese electronics manufacturer that made the world’s first 5G connection, unveiled several phonesóIn Poland, due to obvious language limitations, it is hardly visible, but in the West there are more and more 5G-compatible. foldable Mate X) or is participating in the creation of the entire 5G infrastructure in many countries. Or rather, it may be taking because the spy scandals, whichóre they have been rolling out wokół it, effectively making it difficult to supportóThe protests are not helped by other scandals.

5G technology is not helped by other scandals either. On our subócitizens are joining together on Facebook. A protest against 5G is scheduled for today. Protesters are worried about the bad effects of 5G on health and the possibilities of the new standard „to intelligence agencies”. Marketing campaigns don’t do 5G good PR either. Advertisements for com networksórkowe Play with the slogan „5G ready” have raised doubts in the District Court in Warsaw, whichóry ordered to stop emitting them. The court’s opinion suggests that the operator has a network with 5G technology, which is not the case. The lawsuit was filed by T-Mobile, and earlier „The rub of the year” he called it Orange and enumerated what is needed for the network to exist. smartphones, and those are not on the market. The first appeared only in South Korea and just in Switzerland, about which we wrote more here.

A similar situation happened in the U.S., where the operator AT&T called its 5G E (evolution) network and not only communicated it as such in marketing materials, but also replaced 4G/LTE icons with 5G E in customer phonesów.

In fact, we will enjoy the 5G network, according to. Ericsson forecasts, at the earliest in 2021. The European Commission wants member states to have widespread 5G coverage by 2025, with the new network commercially available in at least one major city in each country by 2020.

And it just reminds me of a Best Buy commercial with Ozzy Osbourne – „How many bloody Gs are there?” 😉

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